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Information INFORMATION - About General English Level 6

General English Level 6

What's in this course?

Course content

Eat up! (food and society, traditional and modern)
What do you think? (opinions and surveys)
Changing jobs (the changing workplace, finding work)
The unexplained (the supernatural, ghosts, UFOs)
Business matters (aspects of the workplace)

What will I learn?

Understanding casual conversation at work
Planning an activity together
Reading editorials and other opinion texts
Expressing opinions and writing an opinion text
Understanding surveys and survey results
Understanding the language of advertising
Reading reports about changes in our work environment and lifestyles
Reading about and discussing the supernatural
Listening to and giving opinions about the supernatural
Discussing and reading and writing about and food traditions and trends
Explaining how to prepare specific types of food
Describing personal qualities and their connection with types of work
Understanding the jobseeking process
Preparing jobseeking documents, for example covering letters and resumes
Understanding the job interview
Reading about workplace culture and client relations
Understanding body language
Telling a story
Making and responding to complaints in the workplace
Giving polite instructions, making polite requests
Speculating, expressing doubt and disbelief
Giving reasons
Expressing willingness, unwillingness and preferences
Giving advice
Expressing regret and anxiety
Constructung paragraphs - topic and supporting sentences, prefacing, connecting ideas
Increasing your reading speed
Nouns: nominalisations and gerunds
Third condiitonal
Verbs - transitive and intransitive, phrasal
Pronunciation: emphasising

How will I learn?

You will learn through doing Computer Activities and you will have a teacher to help you. You can:

Do exercises and tests on the computer - the computer will mark your work.

How long will it take?

The course has approximately 100 hours of material

Ideas to help you

You can start with any unit or any topic, but it is better to start with unit 1, topic 1, then go on to topic 2, and so on.
When you start a topic, do activity 1, then activity 2, then 3 and so on.
To go to the next activity, click on the Next button at the bottom of the page.
There are many listening activities in this course. Listen as many times as you want. Always practise saying what you hear.
You can print any page to help you remember.
You can print any page to help you do a quiz activity.
Always do the writing and discussion tasks. This is good practice.
You should learn for about ten hours each week. Try to study each day.
If you have to stop studying, write down the number of the activity. This will help you to find it when you want to start learning again.
Always ask your teacher (by email) if you have a problem or don't understand.

How do I pass the course?

Study all the lessons
Do all the exercises
Send your writing to your teacher
Do the Progress Test (print only)
Your teacher will tell you have passed the course

What's next?

Level 6 is the last General English course. If you have successfully completed Level 6 and want to learn more English, especially if you need English for University study, you may be eligible to progress to our Certificate III in English for Academic Purposes course.

See Your Teacher activities

There are a number of activities in this course that require students to see their teacher for more information about how to do the activity. These activities are all marked with the banner below:

see teacher


See your teacher about how to do this activity

These activities can be:

Writing activities
Group activities

Click here for a list of See Your Teacher activities


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