General English Level 6 V 3
UNIT 03 Changing jobs TOPIC 04 The interview
Reading READING 02 Rani's covering letter

When you are applying for a job, your covering letter is very important. A covering letter is an introduction to your potential employer and is the first impression they will have of you.

This is an example of one type of covering letter used in English-speaking countries - there are other types.

Read Rani's covering letter, which she sends to the agency with her resume.

10 Elm Rd
Cranbrook 2457

11th December 2001

Mr John Preston,
Recruitment Manager,
Positive Placements,
Level 2, 151 St George's Crescent

Dear Mr Preston,
I am writing in response to our telephone conversation last week. First, I would like to outline my work objectives. I am very keen to continue working in the Industrial Design field with the possibility of moving into management.

At present I am working full time as a product manager. I am responsible for a team of five junior designers. I set their objectives and oversee their work. I am highly adaptable and able to learn and develop new skills quickly and effectively. I am hoping to further my experience by working for a variety of companies in a consultancy role.

I have extensive experience in the different aspects of an Industrial Design office, especially in the areas of graphic design and electronic interfaces. My bachelor's degree was taken at Temasek University, Singapore, where I specialised in computer-aided design. I also took a postgraduate certificate in Business Management from the same University, studying part-time in distance mode.

Please find attached my CV as requested, outlining in more detail my skills, education and experience. I look forward to meeting with you at your earliest convenience to discuss these in more detail. If there is anything you would like to clarify, please do not hesitate to call me on 05 3982 9874.

Yours sincerely,

Rani Singh (Miss)

Practise writing a covering letter if you want to.

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