General English Level 6 V 3
UNIT 03 Changing jobs TOPIC 03 Getting a job
Practice PRACTICE 01 What kind of person are you?
Find out what type of job is suitable for you.

When employers interview candidates for a job vacancy, one of the most important things they need to know is whether the applicant has the right personality for the job. Many companies use personality tests to find out. Here is an example of the kind of questions you could be asked when you apply for a job.


1 Read the sentences below.
2 Think about how you behave in a WORK situation.
3 Click on the button next to the sentence that describes your behaviour in a WORK situation best.
4 When your feedback appears, write down the words that describe your personality. Then go on to the next question.


1 Look at the list of words you wrote down about yourself.
2 Now, look at the words in the four boxes below. Choose the box that has the most words from your list.
3 Then click on the button to see which jobs would be suitable for you. Don't take this too seriously!

Now go to 02 VOCABULARY What kind of person are you? - task.


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