General English Level 5 V 3
UNIT 05 Technology TOPIC 02 The speed of change
LANGUAGE FOCUS 03 Comparing objects
Lee and Layla say:
But I love CDs now. They are much better quality (than records and cassettes).
… and pay my bills online. It's so much easier, and much more convenient (than traditional banking).


When we compare things to talk about advantages and disadvantages, we can use adjectives with much and than.

Jenny says:
You may be right but, on the other hand, you never SEE your money.
My grandmother used to spend hours dusting and polishing and washing. Compared to her, I spend hardly any time doing housework.


We often use linking expressions such as: on the one hand ... but on the other hand , compared to, in comparison, when we compare two or more things. We also begin sentences with The advantages are … The disadvantages are ...


1 Read the examples.
2 Listen to the examples.
3 Practise saying each example. Use the Pause button.
On the one hand, mobile phones are more convenient than a regular phone, but, on the other hand, we can't escape from anyone.

Compared to
mobile phones, old-style telephones were large, and the dial was difficult to use.

In comparison
, mobiles are small and lightweight, and the pushbutton keypad is so much easier to use.

The advantages
of mobile phones are many. One advantage is that we can contact people in an emergency. Another is that we can carry them in our pockets. We can store many numbers in them, play games and send text messages, too.

The disadvantages are
that we have to listen to other people's conversations on the train and can be contacted at any time.


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