General English Level 5 V 3
UNIT 04 Crime and punishment TOPIC 02 How could it happen?
Writing WRITING 05 Cleft sentences
In this activity, you will practise writing cleft sentences to emphasise the person doing the action.
1 Read the dialogue.
2 Write cleft sentences to go in the missing spaces (2) - (6). Use the words in brackets to help you.
3 The first one has been done for you. Use this example to help you.


So what did you hear about the robbery at school today?
Not much - everyone in our class was talking about it, though. Did the headmaster say anything?
Justin: No, it was (1) [our teacher / tell] our teacher who told us - three people had their laptops stolen while they were at their gym class.
Britney: Who noticed them missing?
Justin: The students did, when the class finished.
Britney: Oh, wasn't it (2) [security guard / report] __________________________ ______________?
Justin: The security guard?
Britney: Yeah, he saw the thief leaving the room with three laptops.
Justin: No! I heard it was (3) [students / notice] __________________________ ______________ their computers missing, and called the security guard.
Britney: Hmmm. Did they catch the thief?
Justin: No, he ran away, and the laptops are still missing too. Anyway, one of the students called the police.
Britney: Oh, I thought it was (4) [headmaster / call] ________________________ ____________.
Justin: Very interesting ... what are the three students saying?
Britney: All they want is their computers back.
Justin: So the security guard and the headmaster saw the thief.
Britney: No, it was only (5) [security guard / see] __________________________ _________________.
Justin: Where's the security guard now?
Britney: Talking to the police.
Justin: Hmmm. Do you think ….. ?
Britney: Yeah, I was wondering the same thing. Maybe they think it was (6) [security guard / steal] ___________________________________ ______________.
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