General English Level 5 V 3
UNIT 01 What's going on in my life? TOPIC 01 Congratulations!
LANGUAGE FOCUS 04 Getting something done
Sophie says:
Well, I have the final fitting for my dress this afternoon. I'm getting it made by a friend of the family.


Someone is making a dress for Sophie.
If Sophie says "I am making my dress", this means Sophie is making the dress.
If Sophie says "I'm getting the dress made", someone else is making a dress for her.

Compare the two sentences:
I cut my hair. (I did the cutting myself.)
I had my hair cut. (Another person cut my hair.)

When we talk about things that are done for us by another person, we use get or have + verb (past participle)

I am getting the cake made for the wedding.
got my dress dry cleaned.  
He had his car repaired at the garage.
We are going to have our picture taken by the photographer.
Sophie says:
I also need to have my hair cut, and I have to get the catering organised.


We can also use need to, must, ought to and have to, with get/have + past participle.

I have to get the cake made.
must my dress dry cleaned.
We need to have our car repaired.
ought to our picture taken.


How often do you get your hair cut?
I need to have my eyes checked.
We can't afford to have our house painted, so we will do it ourselves.
I must get this report typed by someone else in the office. I'm a very slow typist.

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