General English Level 4 V 3
UNIT 05 Art, culture and history TOPIC 02 At the gallery
Reading READING 04 From the catalogue - part 2
Look at this page from the catalogue.
A Century of French Art

Tripod Bowl 1990, glass, stainless steel

Paperweight 1992, glass, gold and silver leaf

Vase 1995, glass and silver leaf
French Glass Art: Jean Luc Bertrand

Bertrand is considered the master of the modern French Glass Art movement. French artists have been making glass for centuries. However, the movement has only recently become well known to the general population. Bertrand is one of the world's most experienced glass artists and has been making glass since the early eighties.

Bertrand uses silver and gold leaf and stainless steel together with glass to produce metallic looking glass forms. In his bowl Bertrand has used stainless steel with pale blue glass to form a band of triangles that runs around the top of the bowl. Above this band there is a row of vertical lines and small circles.

The oval paperweight is a lovely rich red colour. Bertrand has also used gold and silver leaf to create horizontal lines in this piece.

In the third piece, the artist has used a much deeper red and contrasted this with gold. The outside of the vase is a gentle curved line, whereas on the front of the vase there is a strong vertical line. In the middle of the vase there is a small square. Somehow all of these opposites combine to create a feeling of harmony.


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