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UNIT 05 Art, culture and history TOPIC 02 At the gallery
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A Century of French Art

The beach at Biaritz, 1897, oil on canvas
Milan Cezar

Milan Cezar is one of the most popular of the French Impressionist painters who painted between 1860 and 1900. French Impressionists use colour and light to give a general impression of a scene or an object. The most typical subjects for impressionist paintings were scenes from everyday life, usually set outdoors.

'The beach at Biaritz' is an excellent example of Milan Cezar's work. It shows a typical beach scene at the beginning of the 20th century. Cezar has created the feeling a family photo. In the foreground we see two women, sitting and talking at the beach. They are holding umbrellas and the woman on the right is reading. They are the main focus of the painting. Between them we see a chair. It looks like they are waiting for someone to join them. In the background there are people strolling along the beach, and a boy who might be flying a kite. Cezar's style gives the painting a sense of movement. You can almost feel the gentle summer breeze. His lovely soft lighting and use of light colours create a romantic summer mood. The view of the ocean on the horizon also adds a peaceful feel. It's no wonder this painting is considered a classic!


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