General English Level 4 V 3
UNIT 03 Dreams and plans TOPIC 01 The new sports centre
LANGUAGE FOCUS 06 The first conditional
Find out how we use the first conditional to talk about the future.
Steve writes:
If it does open on time, we'll have a party!
If these people come to the centre, it will be very good for the community.
If we can get a room at the new centre, we'll have our meetings there.

Steve is talking about possible events in the future - having a party, benefits to the community, having club meetings.

These events might happen but they depend on something else happening first - the centre opening on time, people coming to the centre, getting a room at the centre.

Steve uses the first conditional.

We make a sentence in the first conditional by using two clauses.

Conditional clause
Main clause
If + the present simple tense +

If we hurry,
will/can/might + base verb

we'll catch the bus.


If the council builds a new sports centre, New Town people will be happy.
If there's a heated pool, the children will train better.
New Town will be able to hold official competitions if the pool is 50 metres long.
Young people won't make trouble if they can play basketball.
If it doesn't rain, the builder will complete the centre in six months.
We'll have a big party if the centre opens on time.

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