General English Level 4 V 3
UNIT 01 The media TOPIC 02 Read all about it!
LANGUAGE FOCUS 06 Quoting speech
There is a special way to show when someone is speaking.
The newspaper article says:
The driver of the armoured car, Barry White, 56, said, "I usually have a partner working with me, but he was sick today. The thief came behind me and knocked me right out. I didn't know what happened!"
Police officer John O'Rourke said that the arrest was the easiest he had ever made. "I've never seen such a slow thief!" he said.

When we report the actual words someone said we call this direct speech. We put the words in quotation marks, "__ " or '___ '.
The quoted speech can be at the beginning or the end of the sentence.

said, "John was sick today."
"What a slow thief!"
"That was an easy arrest!"
"John was sick today,"
"What a slow thief!"
"That was an easy arrest!"


1 Read the examples.
2 LIsten to the examples.
3 Practise saying each example. Use the Pause button.
Ronald said, "The police arrested me!"
"We caught the thief!" the police said.
The driver said, "He hit me on the head!"
"The bags were too heavy for me," said Ronald.
The doctor said, "That's a nasty cut!"
"He looked so funny, we laughed!" the woman said.



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