General English Level 3 V 3
UNIT 01 My education TOPIC 01 I hated school
Speaking SPEAKING 05 Did you like school?
Practise talking about school experiences.
1 Read each conversation.
2 Listen to each conversation.
3 Practise saying the lines. Use the Pause button.

Maria and Svetlana walk past a primary school. They remember their schooldays.

Oh, those children look so cute!
Mmm, I remember when I was in primary school, I looked cute but I was a terrible child.
Maria: Oh, what did you do?
Svetlana: I used to talk all the time. I was very noisy. My teachers used to get angry with me a lot.
Maria: Well, my teachers really liked me because I always did my work and I was well behaved.
Svetlana: Well, you are still the same!


Pedro and Maria talk about their schooldays.
Sometimes I want to be at school again!
Oh, I don't! I didn't like school very much.
Maria: I did. I had a great time at school. Why didn't you like it?
Pedro: Oh, it was boring. I wasn't very good at reading and writing. I remember missing a lot of classes - I preferred playing my guitar.
Maria: Did you get into trouble?
Pedro: No, not really. My parents didn't mind.
Maria: You were lucky!


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