General English Level 2 V 3
UNIT 05 Personal plans TOPIC 02 Let's go out!
LANGUAGE FOCUS 04 Making suggestions 2
Tim, Jessica, Eriko and Yasu say:
Well, it's Saturday tomorrow. What are we going to do?
Let's go somewhere interesting. What would you like to do Eriko?
Eriko: Hmm, there are so many places to go.
Yasu: Why don't we look on the Internet?..


Or how about we go to the Australian Museum?..


Maybe we should do two things tomorrow…


That's a good idea! Let's go to the beach in the morning, then after lunch we could go to the Aquarium.


The four friends make suggestions, or give their ideas, about what to do tomorrow.

We use let's, why don't we, how about, maybe we should, we could to make suggestions.

Let's go somewhere interesting.
Why don't we look on the Internet?
How about seeing what's on?
Maybe we should do two things tomorrow.
We could help with the dishes.


1 Read the examples.
2 Click on each line to listen.
3 Practise saying each example.

Now go to 05 SPEAKING Making suggestions 2.


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