General English Level 2 V 3
UNIT 04 Eating and drinking TOPIC 05 Keeping fit and healthy
Reading READING 05 More advice from Dr Adams
Here is some more advice from Dr Jane Adams about keeping fit and healthy.
What's regular exercise?
It is important to do regular exercise. You should exercise three times a week for about forty minutes. It could be playing sport, or it could be working out at the gymnasium.
Some people like going for a walk at the beach or jogging in the park. Other people like doing yoga or going to a dance class.
Don't exercise too much or too little. Stretch before and after doing exercise.
How much sleep do I need?
Some people sleep a lot. Some people don't sleep much. Most people like to sleep for about seven or eight hours every night.
Some final advice
Last words of advice from Dr Adams: If you have questions about your studies, see a university counsellor. If you have questions about your health, see a doctor. Ask for advice! We all need help sometimes.

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