General English Level 2 V 3
UNIT 03 Getting around TOPIC 04 Booking a flight
LANGUAGE FOCUS 05 Present simple for future
Jessica and the sales assistant say:
What time is the first flight?
Sales assistant:
The first flight is at 10.45 am...


The flight to the Gold Coast takes an hour and 15 minutes, doesn't it?
Sales assistant:
Yes it does. It arrives in the Gold Coast at 1 o'clock.


Jessica and the sales assistant talk about the future (Jessica wants to book a flight for the next month). They use present simple verbs - is, takes, does, arrives.

We use the present simple when we talk about timetables and programs for travel, movies, concerts and classes. We are sure about the times these things will happen.


1. Read the examples.
2. Listen to the examples.
3. Practise saying each example. Use the Pause button.
The train leaves at 9.30 tomorrow morning.
The movie starts at 7 o'clock tonight.
The boat arrives at 11 o'clock next Wednesday.
Classes begin at 8.30am next Monday.
The concert finishes at 10.30 tomorrow night.
We can catch the bus to the airport tomorrow. It only takes  10 minutes.


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