General English Level 2 V 3
UNIT 03 Getting around TOPIC 03 Let's go somewhere
Reading READING 01 A weekend away

Eriko and Yasu are visiting their friends Jessica and Tim in Sydney. They all want to see some other places in Australia. They want to go away for a weekend. They are thinking about three different places. They have to choose one place.

How will they choose?

1. What information do they need?

1 How can they get there (bus, train, plane, car)?
2 How much does it cost to go there?
3 How far away is it (how many kilometres)?
4 How long does it take to get there (how many hours)?
5 Where can they stay (hotel, motel, hostel, apartment)?
6 What kind of accommodation is it (5 star, 3 star, budget)?

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