General English Level 2 V 3
UNIT 03 Getting around TOPIC 02 Welcome to Sydney
LANGUAGE FOCUS 04 Offering to help
Tim and Eriko say:
Can I take one of your bags?
Thanks a lot.


Can I help you with that bag, Eriko?
Thanks Tim.


Tim is offering to help.

Would you like me to take you home now?
get you a drink?
lend you some money?
Yes, please.
That would be great!
No, I'm OK.
No thanks.
No, it's all right.
Can I help you with that bag?
carry that for you?
get you something to eat?
Yes, please.
That'd be great!
No, I'm OK thanks.
No thanks.
No, it's all right.


1 Read the examples.
2 Click on each example to listen.
3 Practise saying each example.

When someone says Thank you!, we often say Don't mention it.

Now go to 05 LANGUAGE FOCUS Permission and help - task.


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