General English Level 2 V 3
UNIT 02 Different cultures TOPIC 05 A special time
Writing WRITING 01 A celebration in my country
Tell us about a celebration in your country.

Visit the website again if you want to.

1 Now write about a festival or celebration in your own country.
2 Submit your work to your teacher.
3 When your teacher returns your work to you, go to the next activity.

These questions will help you.

What is the name of the festival or celebration?
When is it?
How long does it last? (For example 2 days, a month)
Why do people celebrate it?
How do people prepare for the celebration?
How do people celebrate? Do they dance? Play music or games?
Do people eat any special food?
Do you enjoy this festival?


see teacher


See your teacher about how to submit this writing

Now go to 02 DISCUSSION A celebration in my country.


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