General English Level 2 V 3
UNIT 02 Different cultures TOPIC 02 Things are quite different here...
LANGUAGE FOCUS 04 A personal letter
Learn how to write a personal letter.

Read Hiro's letter to his mother again.

When we write a letter we have to put the different parts in the correct place.

1 We write our address and the date in the top left or right corner.
Hiro writes
2 We start with a greeting.
Hiro starts
Dear Mum
How are you? Thanks for your letter.
3 We say what the letter is about.
Hiro writes
At last I have some time to write to you…
I'm having a very interesting time in Sydney.
4 In the middle of the letter we use more paragraphs. Each paragraph is about one thing.
Hiro writes
In paragraph 3
The weather is lovely…
In paragraph 4
Sydney is the biggest city in Australia…
In paragraph 5 Life in Australia is very different from Japan…
In paragraph 6 Customs here are different too…
In paragraph 7 People like to play golf here…
In paragraph 8 Life is much safer in Australia…
5 We say we are finishing the letter.
Hiro writes
There is much more to tell you, but I have to study now.
6 We say goodbye.
Hiro writes
Please give my love to everyone at home.
7 We sign our name.
Hiro writes

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