General English Level 2 V 3
UNIT 02 Different cultures TOPIC 02 Things are quite different here...
See how we compare different things.
Hiro writes
Sydney is the biggest city in Australia, but it's much smaller than Tokyo.

The city is more spread out than Tokyo because there is so much space in Australia.

Life in Australia is very different from Japan…

And the people are fatter than Japanese people.

Hiro compares Sydney with Japan. He describes how Sydney is similar to or different from Japan.



Australia is a different shape from Japan.
Australia is smaller than China.
Japan is much smaller than Australia.
China is the biggest.
China has more people than Australia.


Life in Australia is different from life in Japan.
Australian animals are more unusual than Japanese animals.
The city buildings are taller in Tokyo than in Sydney.
There is less snow in Australia than in Japan.

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