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Reading READING 01 Hiro's letter home
Hiro comes from Tokyo, the capital city of Japan. He writes a letter home to his mother. In the letter he describes the lifestyle in Australia and compares it with life in Japan.

Read Hiro's letter.



Dear Mum

How are you? Thanks for your letter. At last I have some time to write to you. I miss everyone a lot. I want to visit you in the summer, when we have 3 months' holidays.

I'm having a very interesting time in Sydney.

The weather is lovely and sunny a lot of the time. I often go to the beach on the weekend with my friends. The beaches are wonderful and I love to go swimming.

Sydney is the biggest city in Australia, but it's much smaller than Tokyo. The city is more spread out than Tokyo because there is so much space in Australia. It's a big country.

Life in Australia is very different from Japan. Many people here have their own houses with big gardens and green grass. There are no cherry blossom trees here, but there are lots of gum trees. And the people are fatter than Japanese people. I think they eat too much fast food! I am sending you some photos.

Customs here are different too. You know how we take our shoes off when we go inside in Japan? Well, people here leave their shoes on all the time! And they don't bow like we do, but they shake hands a lot. People are really friendly here.

People like to play golf here too but it's much cheaper than at home.

Life is much safer in Australia because there are not many earthquakes, tsunamis or typhoons. But there are sharks, snakes and spiders.

There is much more to tell you, but I have to study now. I have a test tomorrow.

Please give my love to everyone at home.


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