General English Level 2 V 3
UNIT 01 Talking about the past TOPIC 04 Life stories
Reading READING 06 An interesting life

Read the article about Professor Fred Hollows.


Professor Fred Hollows, the famous eye doctor, was born in New Zealand in 1929. He studied to be a doctor in New Zealand. Then he went to Wales to do more study. In 1965 he went to Australia.

In Australia he studied an eye problem called trachoma. This disease can make people blind. A lot of indigenous people in Australia have this disease. Professor Hollows began a special program to help them.

Professor Hollows visited many other countries too. He saw many people who had eye problems but no money to treat them. He wanted to help, so he started a program to treat cataracts, another eye disease. Cataracts are a big problem in many poor countries.

The professor made it easier to get treatment for cataracts in countries in Asia and Africa. He taught doctors in these countries to help their own people. His work helped many people.

Professor Fred Hollows died in February 1993. He was a remarkable man. Many people in Australia, Africa and Asia can see today because of his work.

to treat
a disease
a program

Find out more about Professor Fred Hollows on the Fred Hollows Foundation web site.

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