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Information INFORMATION General English Level 1 - Course Information


What's in this course?

Course Content

Unit 1: Who am I?
Unit 2: Describing people and activities
Unit 3: Spending money
Unit 4: Somewhere to live
Unit 5: Keeping well

What will I learn?

Meeting and talking to people
Filling in a form
Talking about your friends and family
Describing people and places
Talking about what you do every day and what you like doing
Using English to go shopping
Asking for and understanding directions
Using the telephone
Talking about health and fitness
Talking about what happened
Reading and writing simple descriptions
Understanding simple conversations
Pronouncing English correctly
Using grammar

How will I learn?

Do exercises and tests on the computer - the computer will mark your work.

How long will it take?

About 10 hours per week for 10 weeks

Ideas to help you

You can start with any unit or any topic, but it is better to start with unit 1, topic 1, then go on to topic 2, and so on.
When you start a topic, do activity 1, then activity 2, then 3 and so on.
To go to the next activity, click on the "Next" button at the bottom of the page.
There are many listening activities in this course. Listen as many times as you want. Always practise saying what you hear.
You can print any page to help you remember.
You can print any page to help you do a quiz activity.
Always do the writing and discussion tasks. This is good practice.
Read what your classmates write. Write to your classmates and your teacher. This helps you learn English and enjoy your course.
You should learn for about ten hours each week. Try to study each day.
If you have to stop studying, write down the number of the activity. This will help you to find it when you want to start learning again.
Always ask your teacher if you have a problem or don't understand.

How can I go to Level 2?

Study all the lessons
Do all the exercises
Send your writing to your teacher
Do the Progress Test (print only)
Your teacher will tell you if you can go to Level 2

See Your Teacher activities

There are a number of activities in this course that require students to see their teacher for more information about how to do the activity. These activities are all marked with the banner below:

see teacher


See your teacher about how to do this activity

These activities can be:

Writing activities
Group activities

Click here for a list of See Your Teacher activities


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