General English Level 1 V 3
UNIT 02 Describing people and activities TOPIC 04 What's she like?
LANGUAGE FOCUS 07 Giving feedback on the telephone

Julia and her mother say:

Julia's mother:
How's the new apartment?
Julia's mother: Oh good.
Julia's mother:
Oh, does she help with the housework?
Yeah, she loves cooking.
Julia's mother: Lucky you.


Julia's mother:

…She's also very interesting. I love her stories about her family and life in Japan.

That's wonderful!


Julia likes her new apartment and flatmate. Julia's mother is happy. She says; "Oh good", "Lucky you", "That's wonderful!". We call this feedback. Giving feedback is very important in telephone conversations. Giving feedback shows we are listening and we understand.


A: Do you like your new job?
B: No I don't. It's very difficult.
A: Oh that's no good.


A: Is your English class good?
B: Yes it is. It's really interesting.
A: Oh that's great.


A: How's your father?
B: Oh he's not very well. He's in hospital.
A: Oh I'm sorry.


A: What are you doing today?
B: Oh I'm going out for lunch. My friend is taking me.
A: Lucky you.


A: How's your new car?
B: Oh, it has lots of problems. I'm not happy with it.
A: Oh that's terrible!


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