General English Level 1 V 3
UNIT 02 Describing people and activities TOPIC 04 What's she like?
LANGUAGE FOCUS 05 And, but, or
Joining sentences with and, but and or
Mei writes about Tom:
He was born in 1965 and his birthday is September 25….
His lessons are interesting and his students think he is wonderful.
We use and to join sentences about the same topic or idea.

She likes swimming and she likes dancing too.
The course is interesting and the teacher is nice.
Mei writes about Tom:
He always helps his students and likes to chat with them.
He is a good teacher and enjoys his work.

Mei means:

He always helps his students and he likes to chat with them.
He is a good teacher and he enjoys his work.

The subject of both parts of the sentence is the same [he], so we can leave it out after and.


It's nice and quiet and not far from the college.
She likes learning English and is studying hard.
Mei writes:
She is a doctor but she is not working now.
Tom loves swimming but he also likes working on his old car.

We use but to join sentences about different topics or ideas.


I like reading but I don't like writing.
He studies every weekday but he relaxes on the weekend.
She plays basketball but she is not in the University team.
Mei writes:
In the evening he relaxes with his family or works out at the gym.

We use or to join sentences about choices.


Do you want to go swimming or do you want to stay home?
I can study tonight or tomorrow morning.
At night he watches TV or listens to music.

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