General English Level 1 V 3
UNIT 02 Describing people and activities TOPIC 04 What's she like?
Reading READING 03 Our new teacher

Read Mei's story about her new teacher, Tom.

Tom Hill is a new teacher at International College.

He was born in 1965 and his birthday is September 25.

Tom is a very kind and friendly man. He always helps his students and likes to chat with them.

He is easy-going and likes his students to call him by his first name. He is a good teacher and enjoys his work. His lessons are interesting and his students think he is wonderful.

Tom is married. His wife's name is Roberta. She is a doctor but she is not working now. She stays at home with their two young daughters, Ellen and Natasha.

Tom and his family live in Chatswood. They are very happy there. It's nice and quiet and not far from the college.

Tom loves swimming and sailing but he also likes working on his old car. In the evenings he relaxes with his family or works out at the gymnasium.

So Tom, welcome to our college.

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