General English Level 1 V 3
UNIT 01 Who am I? TOPIC 02 About me
LANGUAGE FOCUS 15 Yes/no questions and short answers with the verb 'to be'
In the interview, Tom asks Amy these questions
What's your address?
My address is apartment 4, number 6 King Street, Roseville.
Tom: Is Amy your Chinese name?
Amy: No it's my English name.

We ask questions in 2 different ways.

What question: What is your marital status? I'm single.
Yes/no question: Are you single? Yes, I am.

You are a student.
Question: Are you a student?
Answer: Yes, I am.
No, I'm not.

We can answer a yes/no question in two ways: long and short.

Question: Are you single?
Long answer: Yes, I am single.
Short answer: Yes, I am.

Most people use short answers.


Question Short answer
Am I late? Yes, you are.
Are you a student? Yes, I am.
Is she Japanese? No, she's not.
Is he a teacher? Yes, he is.
Is it your Chinese name? No, it isn't.
Are we students? Yes, we are.
Are you friends? No, we're not.
Are they married? No, they aren't.

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