General English Level 1 V 3
UNIT 01 Who am I? TOPIC 02 About me


Tom's full name is Tom Bradley Hill.
When he fills in a form he writes:

FIRST NAME Tom Your first name is your own special name. We also call this your Christian name or given name.
SURNAME Hill Your last name is the name of your family. We also call it your family name or your surname.
OTHER NAME Bradley Some people have more than one given name. We call this your second name, middle name or other name.
FULL NAME Tom Bradley Hill Your full name is all your names.
In English speaking countries, when we write our name, we put the given name first and the family name last.
When Tom says his full name, he says "My name is Tom Bradley Hill".


Title means Mr, Mrs, Miss, Ms, and Dr.
We use Mr for a single, married or divorced man. Tom is MrTom Hill.
Divorced means a man or woman was married but is not married now.
We use Miss for a single woman. Tom's sister is Miss Pamela Hill.
We use Mrs for a married or divorced woman. Tom's mother is Mrs Sarah Hill.
We use Ms for a single, married or divorced woman.
We use Dr for a doctor. Tom's other sister is Dr Jenny Hill.


Spelling your name

Amy and Tom say
My Chinese name is Li Yu.
Can you spell that?
Amy: It's L-I, new word Y-U.


When we can't spell a name, we ask:

Can you spell that?
How do you spell that?

Amy's Chinese name has two parts. To spell her name, Amy says:

"It's L-I, new word Y-U."

We can also say:

"It's capital L-i, capital Y-u."

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